Peak #1962 15X Loupe


Peak #1962 15X Loupe

Part #OPT-P1961

This Peak #1962 is a 15X loupe is a coated 2-group, 3-element structure with stable resolution in its optical system. A versatile magnifier that uses an achromatic lens and is useful in all fields.  Although 15 times the magnification of the Louvais is quite high, various aberrations are eliminated to the extent that it does not pose a problem for practical use. It also provides ideal contrast for easy observation.


  • Magnification: 15X
  • Effective diameter: 19mmφ
  • Dimensions: 36φ×33mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: ~20g
  • Made in Japan


What is included?

  • Peak #1962 15X Loupe


Product Specifications

  • Magnification
  • 15X
  • Effective Diameter
  • 19mmφ
  • Dimensions
  • 36φ×33mm
  • Weight
  • 20g
  • Material
  • Plastic Base